W3C drops the mobile

Wandsworth moon

Today I came across a stupid .mobi website that led me inspect W3C practices regarding the mobile domain.

I’ve been travelling for years since writing my thesis, so I had some catching up to do.

Back then it was just the W3 device independent mailing list, now it’s mushroomed into the Mobile Web Initiative.

Years ago I subscribed to all the new mailing lists, then I thought the mailing lists were dead, however recently after inspecting the archives, I have discovered they have become more active. Perhaps I was unsubscribed. :)

I’ve since re-subscribed and oh, there is of course another new list bpwg-comments. Showing W3C’s “commitment” for people’s comments. W3C’s secret practices are way up shit creek. I don’t know why I bother navigating around a Website where several links are restricted. That really does absolutely nothing to motivate me help spend my time helping the W3C.

Does the W3C really get the Web at all? The spirit of the thing? I don’t think so.

Yet I still decided to send in a comment about the laughable W3C mobileOK Basic Tests 1.0 document.

Anyway it never ceases to surprise me how the W3C has dug its own grave by becoming irrelevant and disconnected. All those sponsors are really pissing their money away. :/

Update: Sorry if this comes across a bit negative. It’s just that I was put in a bad mood on the prospect that this work is encouraging a device dependent Web, which would create senseless redundancy as I again commented.

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