Business value

Sunset from my desk

In the last days I have been surfing the Web thinking about business ideas and sometimes doing phone interviews. In any case I need reliable Internet. Like almost anyone out there.

Though today my ISP ‘s broadband service was down for most of the working day. I complained when I got the Internet back eventually around 4pm and said: “My business is completely depedent on it.”.

Those cheeky assholes replied saying “you are using this account for business purposes which is not permitted on a residential account. You will therefore have to upgrade to a business account within 30 days.”

What is the difference between a residential and a business account service? The contention rates “might” be better, though essentially it is the same product with added business value, i.e. more expensive.

This concept of business value is slightly disturbing. Add 20% if you want a “business PC” instead of home PC (same spec). Get more bank charges if you have a business bank account (business value). And in the case of this dire ISP, pay more for the same crap service.


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