Tomato gave me WDS

Last month I reported how I got my UK ADSL access point the WAG354G working with the WRT54G. The WRT54G cranked up the wireless range throughout my family’s thick walled grade II listed home. The wireless range of the WAG354G is pathetic. I am guessing those aerials on the WRT54G really help.

Though we also have a separate guest cottage where the wireless signal from the first WRT54G doesn’t quite reach. WDS seemed to be the technology I required as it was too difficult to run a wired network cable back to the WAG354G like I did with first WRT54G.

The second WRT54Gv4 that I bought from Korea doesn’t do WDS, through with 3rd party firmware called Tomato it can. I nervously updated the second WRT54G and carefully followed the FAQ entry on WDS and…

Yes, the WRT54g now acts as wireless perimeter range extender without a wired connection! I tested Internet works in our cornish cottage. Perfect. Tomato looks great, kudos to the author. I love Linksys. I now also feel like an expert on Wireless networks. I’ve done it all… :)


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