Dangerous laptop use

Broken mic jack

A couple of days ago I was enjoying my X40 in my lap (haha, you can’t do that with a Macbook!). I was leaning back, putting my feet up. “Ah, that’s comfortable.”

Then I was called downstairs for tea. I put my lovely laptop down on the desk and hobbled away. I say “hobbled” because I had a dead leg.

Then I hear a painful sliding noise to see my LAPTOP FALLING SLOW MOTION to the GROUND.

I didn’t noticed I had the bloody power cord wrapped around my numb leg.

Thankfully the Thinkpad shows no signs of damage. Though I’ve broken a good pair of Philips SHM6100. :(

It stressed me out the whole day that I could have broken my laptop that easily. I can’t afford for it to be replaced! Computer stuff being one’s life can be quite sad. ;)


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