The colours of racism

Being accused of racism is very difficult to argue about. Nowadays you seem to be either a racist or not a racist.

Calling someone bigoted however, might open a debate about what they’re bigoted about.

You see I think there are different degrees of racism and bigotry. It’s not black&white.

I have faced people’s intolerance to me on countless occasions, because I am a white South African. It was probably the worst when I began my A-levels in the UK in 1996. That was a very hard time for me at 16 years of age. I’ve also observed a lot of bigotry in Australia.

So here I am accusing the UK and Australia of bigotry. Two Anglo cultures proud of their cultural “diversity”. Please wake up and address the problem(s) of intolerance with debate.

Currently discussions are thrown out the window with this either I am ‘bad’ or I’m not ‘bad’ mentality. People are offended to think otherwise. So stupid. It’s only natural to have fears of the unknown, to experience cultural clashes. It what makes this world interesting.

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