Working on Wordpress

Stacked Thinkpads

I am keeping a close eye on the Wordpress 2.0.7 release.

I am being cautious because:

  1. no pings on their post. bit odd!
  2. The mentioned vulnerability does not apply to Debian’s PHP
  3. The diff between 2.0.6 and 2.0.7 has some considerable changes to the Akismet plugin which is not mentioned on the changelog/post
  4. I would like to improve the Debian copyright file, though I would like to hear back from upstream first
  5. There seems to be another minor security bug which I don’t think 2.0.7 addresses

I am also keeping an eye on Wordpress MU edition, to see how they handle these bugs, which has been version 1.0 for sometime.

Update: Ryan informs me there will be a 2.0.8 fixing the last reported security bug.


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