Nokia 2610

Nokia 2610

I hate this phone.

The middle button feels (and looks) like a joystick. It isn’t! It is just a wobbly button. In fact most of the buttons feel wobbly.

Also can you notice how their SMS functionality has chaged? Usually you can just quickly start writing a message. Now you have to first specify who you want to send it to. That initial SMS interface from Nokia’s, say from the Nokia 3210 era is what set it apart from the competition. Now Nokia has fucked it up. :(

It is terribly unresponsive. It takes like a second to do anything between input presses. WTF!

This phone can’t be unlocked. I would not have bought this for 50EUR is I knew I couldn’t unlock the fucker from T-Mobile.

Btw I hate T-mobile. Their GPRS service in Germany costs a fortune. So if you click menu, then t-online, then you have automatically downloaded about 10k of useless data and cost yourself at least 1EUR. I’ve done this accidentally twice by simple pressing that big black button twice in succession whilst the phone is unlocked.


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