Capturing sight

I thought struck me this morning after visiting a Art Nouveau museum in Brussels, that prohibited photography. The contemporary issue of photographer rights.

As usual I would like to share my pictures with you guys and perhaps even blog about Art Nouveau. Initially I thought it might be a good idea to prevent photography in small museums because it prevents amateurs taking pictures all the time and getting in the way of other people.

Don’t you hate when amateurs can’t control their flash properly?

Or when people waste too much time with a 1.3 megapixel camera phone. Your photos will always be crap. Sorry. Don’t waste your time or mine.

I searched around and found only one good resource for photographer rights. It seems to differ country-by-country. I have seen some strange things in some countries. Like in Brasil there was some official looking sign that told you when and when not to take pictures. Very odd.

I feel like a radical by suggesting simply you have every right to capture what you see. You can’t police it or prevent it. In fact I was reading somewhere on BBC News that judges don’t try to stop pictures being published nowadays, instead encouraging complainants to sue.

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