Blood Diamond

Recently I really enjoyed watching the movie Blood Diamond.

It is a first time I can think where a “White South African” is a lead character in a mainstream Hollywood film played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

I was actually impressed with Leo’s performance. His accent was plausible, though some of the South African-isms are a little odd or dated. I guess the movie is supposed to be set a few years ago, but my South Africans don’t use “China” and “Broer” all that often. It is only used in informal cases. “Boet” would be more accurate IMO, though I guess he is supposed to be from Rhodesia.

I didn’t like the story line with Solomon Vandy all that much. Especially with the ending where he gets applauded before he gives the speech. Like, OK. Hollywood ending, indeed.

The reporter stuff with Maddy Bowen was also really cliche. OMG.

Silly bits:
* Getting out of jail for smuggling Blood Diamonds in a couple of days? OK. Sure… Same goes for the rebel leader? Aha…
* Jack Daniel product placement. Come on.
* How the hell does his find Vandy after being in South Africa. That’s nuts.
* Ordering in an attack chopper and being in the same place as it is going to attack. Hilariously bad. Also the part when he runs through the camp shooting people and some how not getting shot.
* Going to a rebel village to see if son is there.
* Skinning a baboon. WTF hunts baboons? OMG that was strange.

My main gripe is that this Holywood film could have been better edited and much shorter.


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