Linksys WAG354G and WRT54G

Jutta geeking out

So in addition to the ADSL gateway that the WAG354G provides, I wanted wireless. Though the wireless range of the WAG354G-UK sucks. At first I thought it was the thick walls of our house.

So I thought I should introduce the WRT54G into the house network to improve the wireless range. At first after connecting the WRT54G to the WAG354G it didn’t work. I discovered I needed to change the WRT54G’s local IP address to, I guess to avoid it conflicting with WAG354G’s Now I am amazed at how much better the wireless broadcast of the WRT54G is, compared to the WAG354G. I can now use Internet all around the house!

I thought I would have to carefully somehow have to setup the WRT54G to boost the signal of the wireless in the WAG345G. Now there is no need. I wonder what happens if I set them up with the both ESSID. I will experiment, though right now I am just overjoyed of how much better wireless coverage the WRT54G (v4.20.8) provides. It is truly a great piece of kit.

Update: I received a response from linksys support today about how to properly set them together! The technique is called cascading.

Important elements are to simply set the WRT54G as and to connect them up using the normal ports of the WRT54G, not the “Internet” port. Read the email for detailed instructions for cascading. Wireless freedom!


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