¿Where was I?

School children learning about Free software

I feel a little stupid for my last post about my unstable machine. It was the hardware to blame and my hard drive finally crashed during a Linux conference in Mendoza, Argentina. Typical.

At the conference there wasn’t much new for me and I regret that I didn’t get organised enough to give a talk about the Web and WHATWG stuff. Though I did manage to meet good people and talk about some topics that are of interest to me. As usual the fabulous friendly CafeLUG geeks from Buenos Aires were there, led by the wonderful DD Marcela. I also met an inspiring guy from Cordoba who founded a successful software company that works with free software. His brother gave a great talk about it at the conference. I really love to see Free software power people to start a business.

Oh and about my thinkpad X40 hard drive replacement. With the help of another new friend from Mendoza, we called up IBM in Buenos Aires and arranged a new hard drive and a battery within 5 days! I didn’t know if my machine was under warranty still, phew. Unfortunately IBM called the next day saying they didn’t have any stock and the wait from the US is about 2 weeks. Since I have no idea where I will be in two weeks (ok, probably Sao Paulo, Brazil) I cancelled that request and now I have found a free Windoze (hopefully not trojaned) terminal just over the Andes, in Santiago Chile.

Tough life!

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