Gmail spam filter

Spam on Gmail

Suddenly everyday for the last couple of weeks I’ve had to manually report more than 10 pieces of spam a day. Today my spam folder is almost 4000 mails for the month.

I reported the problem as ticket #74303023 and received a painfully generic response:

Thank you for your message.

The Gmail system considers a number of factors when classifying messages
as ‘Spam.’ To best protect our users, we can’t share specific details
about our spam filters.

Providing you with a spam-free inbox is very important to us, so we’re
continuously working to improve our filtering system. To help with this
process, we ask that you report any unsolicited messages you receive in
your inbox. To do so, check the box next to the unwanted mail and click
‘Report Spam.’ If you decide an email is spam after it has been opened,
simply click ‘Report Spam’ along the top of the message.

We appreciate your help in keeping your inbox free from spam. When you
report unwanted messages, you send valuable data to help our spam filters
eliminate unwanted email.


The Google Team

One of the key features for using Gmail for me is the spam filtering. Now I can’t argue Gmail’s spam filtering is any good.

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