I’m at my parents farm in Cornwall and there is ridiculous amount of work to do around the place. It’s difficult to hack bushes at day and then try hack at night. ;) At least we now have “broadband”.

Scene near Cardinham wood

A couple of days ago I opened up a clueless bug report. Everything was unstable on my Unstable system, especially under 2.6.17, but not 2.6.16.

Then I upgraded, not the kernel. I think udev (usual suspect), not sure, and everything works again. I was upgrading frantically after every pulse and last night I noticed 2.6.17 was working again. Now I am uneasy as I really don’t know what was at fault here.

If I had more time I would have chased this down. Though as I’ve whined about before, you can’t roll back and diff that easily between upgrade snapshots.

In other news I’ve switched from Ion3 to dwm. dwm sort of requires some tweaks and a recompile, so it’s another package to maintain. ;) Below is a screenshot:

IE6 on Debian

In about a week I’ll be off on my first expedition to South America. I’ll begin at Buenos Aires to learn some of the local lingo.

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