Eastern European Immigration into the UK

Polish newspaper in London

The UK has taken in about 450k new workers from Eastern Europe in the last two years. About half of them are from Poland. I can testify to this trend myself by observing staff and seeing Eastern European newspapers after being away from the UK for two years.

Some people have kicked up a fuss calling for restrictions.

I think it is great. These people work hard and keep wages down. It is amazing what kind of impact this has had. Lets face it. I’d rather hire a Pole than a local yob to plaster my ceilings.

Though I do have my concerns. The number of new immigrants is staggering. It’s amazing how the UK has absorbed them. It will probably grow with the introduction of countries like Bulgaria and Romania.

I’ve heard about unscrupulous employers exploiting Eastern Europeans by paying them below the minimum wage. Local UK nationals of course can’t compete when this happens. I think the government could do better to ensure this exploitation doesn’t happen by setting up some helpline or something for reports.


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