Charity tourism

AK47 fun

Right now rich kids are considering what to do in their gap year. Many charities offer attractive placements for “volunteers” to work in different parts of the globe for a price.

Lets begin by saying paying to work anywhere in the world is just fucking stupid.

I’ve choked on my beverage when I heard some kid went on some placement in Australia for 2000 GBP. His friend said, he ended up paying 6000 GBP to this company by the time he left!

That is just crazy. It is super easy to work in Australia and get paid.

People who know me well or just briefly know that I hate charities. If they’re not operating tax free scams, they’re paving the way to hell with their “good intentions”. They take thousands of pounds from vulnerable gap year adventurers and throw them into poorly organised projects. I loved the Guardian headline Are these the new colonialists?

I doubt any gap year students read this blog, though my advice is this. Get a lonely planet guide for the country/region that most takes your fancy, get your flight tickets and just go there. Happy travels.


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