Animal extremists

I am in disbelief when I hear and read about the antics of Animal Rights extremists. People can’t be so stupid or high can they?

On our neighbours farm, some crazies let out their deer stock and many of them ran across the A30 causing accidents. Thankfully no one died.

My father recounted an unbelievable story of how in 1992 some crazy diver with bells on his head came up on Basingstoke canal whilst my dad was chatting with a fisherman. I never believed that story until I read yesterday’s Telegraph front page story.

Anglers attacked by animal extremists The article talks about how a group of 35 masked extremists attacked a group of anglers near Lancaster. Anglers! I thought fishing was some how less cruel than killing a chicken say. Many fishermen don’t kill the fish, but put the fish back into the water after catching it.

Ok, I can understand people getting wound up by the mistreatment of animals. Go to Asia and see how animals get treated there! Go to poorer parts of Asia and see how humans get treated. Get some perspective please.

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