Ubuntu 6.06 install

I highly recommend the Server install CD version of Ubuntu Dapper 6.06.

I tried the “Desktop installer” and it failed with some partitioner error. It installs via some program after you boot via a live CD, like Knoppix. It sucks. I remember Ubuntu hacking on it right upto release. It never got enough testing.

This was in front of a family friend and I don’t think I have ever been so embarrassed by something failing. Damn Free software can be a hard sell, even if it is for free. :/

I retried the installation with Debian’s text installer with the “Server install CD” and now Ubuntu with X is installed.

  1. Must figure out how to turn off that stupid screensaver that drains computer power
  2. Why isn’t openssh server installed by default? FFS, that’s a pain. (waiting for an update)
  3. Damn, why don’t they release an update with all the security updates? They’re taking forever to download and install
  4. I remove the CD and try apt-get install openssh-sever and now it wants the CD back. FFS, download it off the Internet! /me edits sources.list and updates…
  5. Why is the UK mirror using “gb”. Odd. I prefer the “uk” code.
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