The Korea Herald

Ah, I am going to miss the Korean Herald newspaper that I read everyday during my stay in Korea.

Here’s one edition’s headlines:
* Ruling party seeks pardon for tycoons

Inside the front cover is a half page advertisement for the Korea independent Commission against Corruption. Hilarious. Chaebol managers are probably going to sink Korea with their dangerous games.

The ads for some massage of some sort or another. The sex business is big here (like everywhere really), though Koreans try their best to ignore it or at least give it a euphemism. Of course the Korea Herald also publishes that propaganda crap like government cracks down on prostitutes and what not.

I’ve loved generally reading the poor reportage on Intellectual Property issues. In Korea they file patents as fast as they can, though they’re no stranger (like China) to violating it. Which is great! Newspapers would occasionally publish a story how the police cracked down on some illegal CD market or another. Truth is the vendors usually get tipped beforehand and it ends up being quite a show.

The local news is great. I love reading about protests. They are great at them here. Very inspiring.

Regional news is exciting with North Korean crises after another and Japan doing something shameful.

The rest is your usual AP collection. I like the one from this issue:

Zimbabwe may begin spying on citizens without any warrant. The government denies any sinister intent saying it is putting its anti-terrorism legislation in line with international practice.

The choice picks in the Editorial/Opinions seem quite right on the political spectrum, but I enjoy them nonetheless.

Just for the record, I always bought and read the paper. Their website is hideous.

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