Web desktop

Firefox setup

With the help of Antoine I’ve customized my Debian Unstable Firefox.

Via right-clicking, customize and dragging away the various widgets, I’ve managed to remove most junk and leave the stuff I want:

  1. Google’s spell check
  2. Google’s pagerank indicator
  3. del.icio.us bookmarking
  4. sURInk.com to shorten&share long URLs

The extensions I have installed are:

  1. Google toolbar
  2. Mozex 1.07.1 for editing textareas with vim
  3. Web Developer 1.0.2
  4. Searchbar Autosizer 1.1 to expand the Google search box for longer queries

I’m also back to using wmii window manager, although I miss Ion’s speed. I should try dwm when it is packaged. Overall, I am happy with this desktop.


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