Broken thoughts

At home I run an Ubuntu server which I unfortunately upgraded to the sigh Edgy Eft.

Damn, I used to think Debian unstable was unstable!

On the couple of occasions the machine wasn’t broken, I stupidly did a dist-upgrade. When will I learn? Perhaps I like to “repair” a broken system to learn more about my system. Who knows.

Anyway the last dist-upgrade with X failing to start with some “fixed font” error, had me thinking about rolling back updates.

As far as I know, downgrading to dapper requires some precarious apt pinning and some praying. I should try that.

Rolling back and comparing with old versions could be easier. Of course there is the great resource of Debian snapshot though I usually just download the package I require by hand. I could try set it up with apt, but I highly doubt down grades work with wild inter-dependencies like the X server suite. Anyway it could be better integrated.

Like a version control system, without the conflicts. ;)

I can’t help but think why should my box ever be broken? If an upgrade b0rked, why doesn’t it just go back to the last working snapshot? Oh well, we’re still miles ahead of Windows update. Though having to restart firefox is almost as disruptive as rebooting the entire system.


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