Remote radio

Since I enjoy travelling and I’m addicted to news, I investigated Satellite radio today.

This was prompted by an advertisement for a Samsung satellite radio receiver that uses the XM Radio service. After quite a bit of searching and dealing with the CRAP THAT FLASH throws at me, I discovered that XM radio is for the USA&Canada. That’s no good.

I also investigated Worldspace though their product offering isn’t very compelling. It’s about 100USD for the receiver and then about 100USD a year! That’s crazy. Also there stupid Flash coverage map doesn’t do South America, where I am interested in travelling next.

I met a traveller in India who had a portable Sony short wave receiver. Using that and sometimes simple aerial modifications he would be able to pick up the Premiership scores via BBC World service wherever he was!

Shortwave receivers are about 100USD, though after “surfing” on Wikipedia I found information about an interesting “open” project with a bad acronym; Digital Radio Mondiale which aims to improve the quality of shortwave radio. I think it also known as “Digital AM”. I can’t seem to find any radio hardware products to purchase though. Their main Website seems down. :(

There seems to be a strong interesting subculture within Radio. I always interested in HAM stuff, but never knew anyone into it. I think I’ll order this book or guide and read more about it.

It looks like these amatuer radio enthusiasts enjoy travelling too.

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