Office water dispenser

Tea Room

I hate offices with water dispensers. It is such a waste.

Why not install a tap? Probably too expensive they say. We’d rather pay some grunt to deliver huge plastic bottles every few days.

Oh it’s better water they’ll say. Install a filter on the tap if you’re so concerned about the “taste of water”.

Another good thing about getting a tap, is that you usually get a sink with it. So people can actually clean their mugs without going to the toilet sink.

Instead we have to use paper cups. Sometimes people are actually too lazy to drain their throw away cup, resulting in spills in the paper waste basket.

I also don’t like the tacky little dispensing nozzle which is usually really low, so I have to bend down to use it.

I wish someone made me nice cups of Tetley every hour or two. That would be good.


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