High Definition

High definition

Since I see High Definition (HD) printed on the top right of World cup coverage, I wonder if it means anything.

(Previously I always thought it meant Hard Drive)

A closer inspection of the TV image doesn’t impress me. When I asked around about HD I eventually was told by someone that you need a “special aerial”. Which most people don’t have. I am not sure if the TVs have to be “special” too either. In either case the HD symbol is printed, which is misleading. So how does one know they’re actually get High Definition playback? I guess I need to go to a TV store. ;)

Is DVB High Definition?

Is High Definition all that much better than a good analogue signal and a good monitor?

With the industry pushing BlueRay or HD-DVD, touting “High Definition”, I am wondering if they really think people will care or notice. Almost everyone I know is familiar with DVD-rip, telesync and screener qualities. Most people are perfectly happy with VCD quality in Asia. I don’t hear anyone yearning for anything better than DVD.

I for one would like to see CD media disappear altogether. This is how the latest HD (Hard Drive in this case) cam corders from JVC are marketed!

Sidenote: That 5.1 Dolby sound often associated with DVD is also stupid. Most people hate having 5.1 speakers. Don’t get me started about the stupidity of widescreen.

I hope the industry wises up a little.

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