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Business card holder

I’ve collected quite a few business cards in my few months in Asia. My main issue is that I misplace them and I can’t find the name card of that French Siemens-Benq developer I met in China…

  1. So ideally the scenario would involve finding someone’s contact details on the computer.
  2. I usually visit the URL printed on the business cards I receive.
  3. From there it would be wonderful to see a homepage of that person with the same details that are on the card.
  4. Then I would log or save that Webpage. Then I am free to lose that card.
  5. If I want to search for a particular contact, I would just search via those “homepages” of business representatives I’ve previously logged.
  6. So if I searched “Siemens” I should find that person who I can’t recall the name of.

Sadly it doesn’t work that way. 99 times out of 100 that “homepage” doesn’t exist. Many business fail to have just basic contact details on their Web pages. So reaching that developer you met in XYZ conference from Siemens is well, unlikely if you’ve lost that business card.

With that hcard microformat, I should be able to find that person’s homepage a.k.a. contact details (a 1% probability recall) and then save it to an addressbook application. That’s assuming that they have carefully formatted their contact details in hcard’s microformat. And another problem with that is that I don’t use an addressbook application. Currently I have a bunch of aliases in mutt, saved Web pages in and my phonebook locked away on my Samsung phone. So everything is a little disparate.

So hopefully you can see, the first scenario would be better and it doesn’t necessarily require the hcard microformat. Just for company employees to have a homepage printed on their business card.

Still I have updated my homepage with hcard formatted contact details. I must be bored.


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