Canon IXUS800is

Kai crouching over a keyboard

So I bought a Canon IXUS 800is. The is is for Image Stabilisation.

I’m fairly pleased with the device. It’s not that much different than my sister’s IXUS600. There is still the lingering problem with red eye and flash, but this is a regular problem with these pocket cameras. The 16mb SD memory card they ship with it, is stupid. The enclosure has quite a glossy feel to it, so I am getting a lot of grease marks on it. I wish it was a little more matte.

I’m not sure what resolution I should photograph on. I think 2816×2112 is really too big. Images themselves are often 2mb each.

I am excited about the potential “Web videos” you can take with this. I’m now uploading my movies I take with this camera to my video site. I wish there was a really great AVI opensource editing tool. Though the video editing capabilities on the camera isn’t bad.


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