Vim7 omnicompletion in a normal uxterm!

Christmas has come early and vim7 has finally made its way on my unstable machine thanks to the miracle of dist-upgrade.

I’ve made some notes on my faq.

So far the feature that might change my life forever, is omnicompletion.

Spelling is a little disappointing. In the help page it says hitting CTRL-X after a misspelled word will present some alternatives. Doesn’t work for me. Starting spell support is quite ugly: :setlocal spell spelllang=en_gb Am I supposed to put that in my .muttrc? As it doesn’t setup automatically when editing mail. Might just stick with aspell for the time being.

Tabs are cool. I’ll use them. Before I used to split and minimize windows. Kinda ugly really.

I am still desperately looking for something that can close HTML tags or something that can assist me writing HTML. Some basic well formedness check would be nice.

:hardcopy looks cool, but it doesn’t seem to be able to hardcopy Korean letters. Perhaps I am missing some Korean fonts in my postscript path. After peeking at “postscript-cjk-printing”, it looks like I need to install some fonts. Argh! How in Debian?

Ok good luck vim7 users.

* Undo actually behaves better. I was a little too hasty in my initial tests.
* Bracket highlighting, nice.


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