Wireless Networks

Yes, wireless network access is woeful.

I’ve setup a Linksys WRT54G at my apartment and my sister’s as an open wireless access point. The linksys Web interface could be a lot better for seeing who is connected and perhaps banning abusing users. But on the scale of things it doesn’t really matter.

Both my sister and I live in Korea where 100mbit home network connections are quite normal. So the impact of an open 11mbit Wireless access point isn’t noticeable, especially if we use the network cable from the AP. We also don’t get charged for excessive bandwidth, so it’s more of QoS issue for us and I can’t say I’ve ever noticed from my Wireless laptop.

I’m not sure if I am violating my ISP‘s “terms of service” by dishing out free Wireless access.
I know people have used my access wireless point judging by the high DHCP ips.

Those access points that demand credit cards and logins. Very silly. Especially if you like to access the service with a simple device like a Nintendo DS!

The company I work for doesn’t have a Wireless access point in the office. Which is really inconvenient for the many guests we receive, who all have wireless enabled laptops!
Also for some bizaare reason, we don’t run a DHCP server. Ok, that’s another issue entirely, but not running a DHCP server is stupid.

“Security issues” are often touted when companies operate (open) Wireless Access Points. I think they are non-issues myself.

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