Beijing arrival


My first impressions are good. Though I am feeling like a moron relying too much on the lonely planet.

The Beijing lonely planet sucks as it doesn’t print place names in Chinese characters. Chinese people simply can’t read Latin characters. So I’ve been walking around semi-lost today. The distances are pretty big.

My favourite websites are blocked! BBC News and Wikipedia, with Gmail being pig slow. Oh well, I figured away around it with the help of Antoine.

The metro seems kind of small compared to Russia, so that was a little disappointing. A lot of people simply ride around on push bikes. I need to get one.

I visited the main train station. Impressive and clean, though there are quite a few people who looked like they’ve just rocked up to the big bad city from the country. Bamboo poles, big sacks and a bewildered expression. I felt sorry for those people.


I tried to figure out how much is a ticket to Moscow. After queuing for 20 minutes and getting nowhere, I gave up.

The weather is wonderful. I can see the sun. The air is OK, though it often has this “concrete newly-constructed” dust smell to it. The smell inside of buildings reminds me a lot of Russia. On second thought this smell is probably used toilet paper, as it can’t be flushed with soviet style toilets! Though damn, I miss Russia!

I see a lot more European foreigners than in Seoul.

I am going for lunch. I can only order dumplings right now. Though I want something more deep fried, crispy and new.

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