If there is one thing I pity more than most, are people on split shifts.

They’re usually girls in the hospitality trade who have Monday off and work horrible hours. Like 7am till 11am and then 6pm to 11pm. These are the busy periods in the restaurant trade and it means these poor people have no lives, except perhaps with their colleagues.

Though lately I’ve been working the same stupid hours and it’s annoying me. I’m always waking early. I usually have a big lunch and feel like dozing (I have my own office, don’t you?) the rest of the warm afternoon away. Until 6pm when it gets a little cooler and the sun isn’t annoying me, so I can do some development. This is also about the same time in Seoul when people from the UK get up and sometimes I find it easier to work when they are around.

I guess if I was doing more local business (customer meetings) I wouldn’t have this problem. Though here in Korea many deals are done late at night so there is no getting away from silly-hour-syndrome.

Perhaps I shouldn’t think of it as split shifts. Perhaps siesta is better.

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