Just to scratch an itch, I tried migrating / side-grading to Ubuntu from Debian Etch. I still haven’t quite succeeded as I am still wrestling with aptitude, but I did find something interesting from my Etch migration discussion on ubuntu-devel.

Marco Cabizza says that one of the reasons it is quite hard to migrate is due to the Launchpad integration.

This sent alarm bells ringing as Launchpad is proprietary and since I might be developing an Ubuntu derivative, I didn’t want to be necessarily locked to the Launchpad suite. The packages with launchpad integration seem to be a bunch of Gnome centric software which thankfully doesn’t worry me. But what if more and more packages are integrated?

I don’t think it will happen as it is too hard to easily manage many divergent patched packages. Ubuntu is probably sensibly catching crashes from the Gnome applications so they can make an even slicker desktop.


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