International crime

I read BBC News everyday. I noticed with interest the way they reported that suspicious Slobodan Milosevic death.

My concerns:

So hot damn! The ICC‘s poster boy is dead. As you can see I am pretty biased against the ICC, since they do echo the farcical “justice” displayed in the politically motivated Nuremberg trials.

I always thought that justice could somehow be dealt with domestically. So you were ruled by Hitler. Once he’s been overthrown, can’t you just deal with him at home? Hmmm, it’s hard to be civil, isn’t it? For example Saddam’s trial is turning out to be a complete fuck up of a “domestically tried case”.

Anyway, back to the ICC. They need a war criminal quick! Let’s round up Mr Taylor and get him to the Hague and keep some lawyers employed.

Crazy world we live in.


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