SVG size

I was having a look at the SVG version from the feed icons site and I was surprised how well it rendered.

Interestingly the SVG file is just 1.2kb! Gzipped, it’s 545bytes. A PNG 32×32 pixel version is 1.5kb and the 10×10 is 469 bytes. I wonder how the PNG format’s size grows with the pixel size. SVG‘s size won’t grow, though that’s a lie; surely memory whilst rendering the SVG will grow at some rate whilst zooming into it?

I was thinking SVG would be great for mobiles, but it is hard to argue the case. For example, rendering the SVG is surely harder than to decode a bitmap image. Also, what is the point of scaling up into an SVG graphic (on a mobile) anyway?

Perhaps we are still better with a JPEG2000 type approach. as bitmaps are far more common than vector graphics. Sadly, JPEG2000 is heavily patented. How frustrating. :(


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