SVG embedded in HTML, a dark art

Kai, Hannah and James playing scrabble

Spent an hour or two looking at SVG and embedding them into Web pages.

I worked from Ian Hickson’s Webstats and I didn’t get very far. I grabbed another svg from somewhere else, and it wouldn’t render without a ?xml-stylesheet def. Which I think is a little weird.

I don’t like all these pixel definitions. It’s so not easy to simply say this bar is 40% big and another is 60%. Instead it is drowned in this x, y placement cruft.

Perhaps canvas is the answer. I’m unsure how the spec has been implemented in Firefox. If I understand canvas correctly, then these graphs/graphics would be generated programatically with Javascript. Which sounds kinda sucky.

SVG looks like it will take a while. For graphs et al, I rely on R and just export to PNG or something else that doesn’t scale. :(


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