Mysql bashing

Pouring soju

I wrote a couple of bash scripts to insert and update information into a mysql database.

  1. Imagetrack
  2. pyblosxom2wordpress

They are both disappointingly slow interfacing with the mysql client. Though with the help of imagetrack, I’ve managed to collate information of about 20000 images of mine on different machines in an hour. I hope to do some analysis with this information. Like figure out which images are corrupted or have had their EXIF mashed or their time wrong.

pyblosxom2wordpress is a script to insert old blog entries from my previous blogging system pybloxsom. This has been on my TODO for a long time.

Finally I got around to doing it. Most of the old blog entries are quite embarrassing. Oh well, they’re are all here now. One could use the script to continue writing their blog in a blosxom fashion and periodically run my script to insert the new entries.

Whilst examining the Wordpress MySQL DDL, I found it could do with some better restraints. Perhaps they kept it loose for other DBMSes.


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