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I exclaimed “Holy Crap” when I saw the news that Opera has been ported to the Nintendo DS platform.

As a proud Nintendo owner, that’s interesting news. Though how many open Wifi access points are there? Very very few. I have super fast Internet at home and work, so where would I use it? On the train? Has anyone known Wifi to work on a train?

Be cool if they also announced something like Vodafone’s mobile connect so that it would work on trains too. Btw what technology does that expensive Vodafone thing use? CDMA? What-what?

There was also an announcement of a TV tuner add on for the DS. That made me laugh, as there has been quite a bit about people watching TV from mobiles. This won’t be the clip-on-demand service of 3G, but it will be a “damn sight” cheaper! Anyway, I hate TV besides.

Back to Opera. This is a major sales/marketing coup for them. I am actually surprised Nintendo did this, considering the Japanese player Access and their NetFront browser. I haven’t played with NetFront’s browser, so I can’t compare it with Opera’s. Though I am sure Opera’s is probably better. ;)


I imagine Opera is absolutely ripe for being bought up now. Access is about 100 times the size of Opera.

Onto Free software. I wonder why minimo hasn’t been doing well. Well, maybe it’s my imagination but firefox feels quite heavy to me lately. So shrinking that product would be hell. The mobile market is blowing up and I really don’t think they are into Free software besides, sadly.


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