Local conditions

Our booty is stolen

So Google argue their place in the Chinese market by saying:

  1. We’re expanding access to information
  2. We’re respecting local conditions

Firstly, you’re expanding biased information. If you don’t have access to all the facts, what do you have? You might have more facts about flowers and animals, but if you don’t have access to different viewpoints about your oppressive government, how the hell are you supposed to take control of your life?

I grew up in Apartheid South Africa. Trust me, I know that not printing some news is as dangerous as torturous propaganda.

Secondly, local conditions. Don’t take the piss out of the Internet. The first thing I loved about the Internet is that it is Global and borderless la lala laa. “Respecting local conditions” pisses on that notion. I really believe governments should never dare try censor the Internet. I know about that German law and it’s a travesty.

Later they argue that they looking out for the interest of users. How would they know? Honestly! Another clever piece of rhetoric in the beginning “certainly don’t – my colleagues certainly don’t – expect everyone to agree with our decision” isn’t expanded on. It would have been better to outlay the risks of supporting censorship and why this is (as they put it) a decision to be disagreed upon.

China is fascinating. I enjoyed read Mark’s post about China. Though China is extremely dangerous if it can manipulate 1 billion of it’s proud inhabitants.

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