I love my thinkpad T30, though since IBM sold it to Lenovo I have been feeling uneasy. I want to purchase a new laptop and I am having real concerns.

Go to there Website and try pull up specs of the X60 model or something. I kept going in circles.

Seriously no innovation. The most innovative thing I can recall Lenovo have come up with is the stupid fingerprint reader (that doesn’t work in Debian) and the tablet PC. Tablet PCs are a complete waste of time. Everyone knows that. Look at an example of a daft tablet drawing you can produce. That’s so un-amazing.

Ancient complaints of the Thinkpad are poor video cards and piss poor sound cards. The basic specs currently aren’t enough to run Windows Vista. That’s not encouraging.

If you compare the Thinkpad with the MacBook Pro the price is about the same for the same specs.

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