Linux for schools

So my sister is working at a school where the computers are in a shocking state.

All infected with viruses, spyware and malware. The machines either crawl along or are incredibly unstable. Some of them run some sort of virus protection program and I’ve seen one or two computers running two different anti-virus programs. On my travels I have seen countless infected Windows machines. It’s incredible!

And the worse thing about it, is that the Free Software geeks and outfits can’t seem to capitalise enough on it.

So what can I do? The Computer Scientist. Well, not a lot. For example all the Windows machines are in Korean. I can’t figure out how to change win32 language. Can you?

Plus, I don’t want to re-install Windows. I want to deploy some Linux based solution.

So what are the requirements? They need to :
* print timetables (via a crappy Epson inkjet) with something like Office
* be able to play macromedia based games
* use a browser

That’s it. It also can’t be more complex. No username or passwords please. We don’t want to have to train people to use a new system. Must be simple.

Oh diddums. Can Director macromedia kid games be played in Linux? I don’t think so. Oh I wish these kids’ software was on a N64 or something.

There is only like 10 PCs in this school and installing them with Linux would take quite a bit of my time. I need some sort of centralised control tower where I can control deployment of my own customized Ubuntu based distro.

I know very well about SkoleLinux but it is simply too complicated. No need for email. Outsource to Gmail and hosted service. Must be simple.

All I can think of will be complex and painful. Grrr…

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