Making contact information more accessible

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I read on someone’s blog recently about an old complaint of mine. That it is a pain-in-the-ass to determine some people’s blog contact email address.

Yeah, you could email webmaster@blogdomain. Countless times I’ve done that with no response… :/

I try to make it easy with my homepage. Though I suspect a lot of people aren’t used to finding contact information on a homepage.

The major problem with my contact information on my homepage is that it isn’t machine readable. If it was, maybe it would be easier for my visitors to contact me. Or maybe I will receive even more spam.

I remember Bloglines has some sort of “contact” XML standard, but after searching around on their site, I couldn’t find it. So of course I looked at hCard again.

Yes, I’ve looked at hCard before and for some reason I didn’t convert my homepage to a hCard. The problem is I like the way my contact information is a simple definition list. I’ve searched around for a hCard definition list example and I came up empty.

Another little niggle is that it bothered me with hCard that the class name is “vcard”. Blah…


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