Debian doldrums

Kai participates in a snow fight

Gotta love Debian sometimes. ;)

My beloved mutt seems a little broken in unstable currently.

I’m in the market for a new AM. 3rd time lucky?

Ok, so I am packaging Aaron’s library and so I check the license with debian-legal.

“Vorlon”, the omnipresent and omniscient got back to me pretty quickly, saying no. Goddam! ;)

I’m no legal expert and my brain hurts thinking about these distribution clauses, GPLv3 issues and controversies. I hope debian-legal reaches some agreement.

At about 6pm I noticed the Ubuntu crowd were in Seoul. I emailed hastily asking about a meetup or something. Probably too late. Damn. I’m feeling quite alone in my Linux usage here in Korea. I see Mark has been in Japan. I have fond memories of Japan and the debian guys out there. Yeah, if any Korean devs are reading this, get in touch. Part asked me to get in contact with some mail administrators in order to curtail some of the massive amounts of spam coming out of Korea.

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