Deploying is hard

Dreamhost are great and everything, but it can be quite difficult to make full use of one’s host.

For example. I have more diskspace, so I was thinking of hosting a copy of wikipedia and abusing my near unlimited bandwidth. Not so fast:

pico$ bunzip2 pages_articles.xml.bz2
Connection to closed by remote host.
Connection to closed.

Hmph. Next things I’ve been playing with is Ruby on Rails.
Though I read the Wiki page I am experiencing Application error (Rails) whilst using Fast CGI. It’s a bit odd and somethings work. I know without Fast CGI, development iterations are extremely slow. You’re basically going nowhere without something like Fast CGI.

Then I had a look at It seems to require mod_python and again DreamHost doesn’t seem to support this module. Oh crap.

Django seems to be able to utilise Fast CGI and I tried a very basic sanity test for Fast CGI via Python and that doesn’t work either.

So where are we? Back at square one. This blog about The sysadmin view on PHP is actually quite right. It is so easy to deploy a PHP application in comparison to Rails and Python.

I almost forgot I work with Java, tomcat, JBoss and other hopeless Enterprise technologies. They need the server to come down to deploy. That’s Web 0.0.

Update: Dreamhost support spotted an error in my database.yml. It’s working! WOOT!

Update: With the help of Aaron Swartz I managed to get a “hello world” working with fastcgi on dreamhost.

Update: Django on DreamHost does work. I missed the part about Oops.

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