One way travel in Asia

I pride myself on being a real traveller. Whatever that means. Independent, relaxed and likes to keep his options open. That’s hard.

twingo in new caledonia

I hate the travel industry and I hate governments for making it so difficult to travel one way.

I recall in the UK train return tickets were the same price as one way tickets. Talk about a generous discount for a return trip.

Another problem about not buying a return ticket, is that if you travel at short notice, more often than not you get screwed with poor seat availability. Less seats means that I’ve had to pay more than double to leave the country, than what it cost me to get in!

In many Asian countries you need a Visa. Especially if you do not have an onward ticket. Even if your country (I use my British passport) has some sort of deal with the respective country, Airlines won’t let you board without an onward ticket.

Of course you wouldn’t have an onward ticket if you’re travelling one way. So I am having to organise a Thai visa as I am going one way to Bangkok. And I probably have to arrange a Korean Visa now, as I am planning to go there one way too.

Organising a visa takes time and money. Most consular divisions of countries are closed on any type of holiday and keep incredibly inconvenient hours. If you are lucky you can perhaps get someone to arrange it for you, but still it will cost you and tie you up.

Damn, I miss Europe.

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