Mario Kart online

I eventually tried Nintendo Internet play on Saturday morning outside Electronic Boutique in Melbourne central.

At first it couldn’t organise a game, because it couldn’t find anyone to play.

Bit disappointing.

After waiting and then retrying I managed to play a couple of Japanese (judging by their names) and a guy called “Jeremy”.

It was a bit laggy at times so some tight “turbo boost” corners were quite hard to achieve.

So in the end it fealt like I was playing some really good computers, as we couldn’t chat afterwards. :(

Shame they couldn’t see my jumping up and down breaking (again) my 5 year old Tevas. I guess I should buy a new pair although I would prefer an Israeli made sandal from a company I’ve forgotten the name of.

Nintendo should have a system for editing your profiles via browser, so you get to know your enemy better. I tried to put my 13 character email address as my nick. Slightly too long. Doh.

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