Holidaying in the Andaman

I am making arrangements to go to New Caledonia on my travels from Saturday. So I won’t be packaging imminent releases of:

Sorry. I am pissed with Debian the last couple of days. Boiling. Yes I’m stressed, yes Debian is my scapegoat.

My unstable system is completely b0rked. :(

I tried. Honestly. I tried.

I am running the 2.4 kernel which no matter how many modules I insert can’t seem to get X running with mouse support. I expected perhaps I need to dpkg-reconfigure xserver but then that reported I had a broken installation. WTF! Thanks mate.

Paging around the end of virtual consoles in 2.4 which I have to do now, also does not bloody work. If I go off the edge it gets stuck. ALT+arrows don’t work. CTRL+ALT+F-keys don’t either. Nightmare. Reboot. Fsck errors. Fuck.

dpkg -i of a 2.6.14 kernel just bombs out too while trying to make a mysteriously complicated initrd. I can’t really debug this problem as I don’t have Internet connectivity with my laptop either. Internet connectivity problems aren’t to do with Debian. That’s Australia’s fault.

To add to my miseries I’ve caught a cold. I’ve also been playing around with sed all morning, trying to parse Debian LDAP output. Nightmare.

To think I wanted to do my Debian New Maintainer stuff this month. Moray got back to me last month (or the month before that?) saying he was too busy (again). I’ve written to debian nm frontdesk for another AM and I’ve yet to hear from them. Oh well, I’m going to roast my ass in the tropics for a while and try forget computers ever existed.

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