unstable is just that

“unstable is just that” is what some dork says to me on #debian when I said:

i’ve nuked my machine from a dist-upgrade from unstable last night. It won’t boot. The shell doesn’t look right. help. :)

To make matters worse. Last night I did some house cleaning and ripped out all my old kernels to save space. My 6.5G root partition (everything except home) was full!

  1. Ok, try dpkg or apt news on #debian. Nothing.
  2. How about blog postings on Debian Planet? Bah…
  3. I quickly page in mutt and see if debian-devel has talked about it. Hmmm, seemingly no.
  4. Perhaps debian-user via the lurker interface. Hmmm no.
  5. Ok, people in #debian-devel will hate me, but I’ll ask there.
  6. They point to the topic: FUCKED: yaird/kernels (#343042/#343048) Aha!

Ok, I need a rescue CD. Which one I wonder? Let’s try this one grml.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some sort of Web page like status.debian.org/unstable telling about current high priority problems that will probably affect most Debian users? Right now, I have to look all over the place. Very tiring.

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