Printing from HTML

I discovered Prince from a printing from HTML article whilst looking for a date picker on a list apart. I’ve yet to find a decent date picker. I’ll probably have to wait for one.

The samples really show off Prince. Too pricey (for me) at 3800USD to run on a server.

The idea of manipulating Web content (or rather XHTML+CSS) to print via PDF (cough) is especially important nowadays as there needs to be some sort of fusion between print and Web applications. I wish we could somehow avoid the PDF phase, having this functionality inbuilt into Firefox or something. Currently printing HTML from either Firefox or IE sucks!

Though I’m no latex expert, I am confident I can get the same results with latex tools. See my poorly titled letter writing Web application for a demonstration.

XHTML is a sore point. Finding someone or some tool to write XHTML period…

And everyone who did a serious degree or research knows latex, right? ;)

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