Speaker's Corner

Kai giving a hate speech about Melbourne

Every Sunday in Melbourne I go down to the State Library to read Private Eye, play some chess and perhaps give a speech outside at the “Speaker’s Corner”.

Last week I gave a speech about why Melbourne sucks.

I have given a speech on my travels, the Muslim religion (from my experiences in Pakistan) and almost did one about Organic food. I lost my notebook with the notes about Organic food, so I didn’t end up giving that one. I’ll always come up with some tirade when I meet an Organic salesman besides.

This week I was thinking of giving one about science. That’s because I fealt the need to explain evolution to many of those crazed Christians around and about, and throw in the interesting topic of climate change “denial”. It is very interesting reading Wikipedia’s article on Nuclear Power. From time to time I have to re-read it. It is definitely a hot current issue to wise up on.

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