Mobile Gaming

I bought a (early Xmas present) Nintendo DS with Mario Kart for a 190AUD. Antoine and I have been playing wirelessly between floors in the hostel we’re staying in. I have never bought a Nintendo before and it is amazing to play such a slick game.

Though it is quite difficult to co-ordinate a LAN game in seperate rooms, as it is impossible to hop into or get instant messaged via PICTOCHAT whilst in another mode.

Paranoid: I am always thinking to myself, what happens if I find a bug? How do I update this?

We tried playing Advance Wars DS with “Direct Play” (as I don’t have the cartridge) and sadly the realtime game mode SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS.

So really there seems to be only Mario Kart as the mobile wireless game. Oh well, we have to start somewhere.

I was hoping to use the DS as a Wireless AP detector. Sadly it is nowhere near as sensitive as my Thinkpad T30. I’ve yet to try Nintendo’s WIFI service. The launch seems to have been done pretty badly. There is only a couple of hotspots in that Australian state of Victoria in places I have never heard of.

There was talk of hotspots in McDonalds. Oh well, all this “free” wifi hotspot stuff never seems to get off the ground sadly. :(

They must be worried that laptop users are going to leech the Free Internet.


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