Mail musings

I use Gmail to filter my mail. This has been the case since June 2005. I usually have about 1000 SPAMs in the SPAM mailbox. Recently I’m up to almost 1500. Sigh.

I noticed alioth was spammed pretty bad. That’s one reason.

I get quite a quite a few SPAM in my inbox which I need to manually send to the SPAM folder. That’s getting worse. Thankfully no HAM is found (knock wood) nowadays in Gmail’s SPAM folder.

There was a monster thread over at Linux Users Victoria about Microsoft Exchange. For some odd reason the LUG doesn’t want the mailing list archived. Anyway I made a bit a of a tangent on the thread when I recommended people and companies outsource their mail to external hosts. The savings can be incredible. Though if employees send a lot of attachments, it can be quite painful.
Especially as Australia is using “Pay as you Go” style Internet.

Setting up mail servers nowadays is too hard. In my (contracting) experience most offices are incapable of running their own mailservers.

Currently I have a painful problem with my Debian (unstable) T30 laptop with Debian’s default exim4. Mail seems to get frozen if I don’t find a net connection within a couple of days when writing email offline.

Finally here is a cheerful link of computing pictures to ease the pain.

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