Wicked Wireless

Kai and Antoine

Wouldn’t it be great if there was some tool that turned Win32 laptops with a wired network connection into Access points?

I do this on my Debian system with ipmasq and an Ad-hoc configuration whereby clients just need the right gateway settings.

Another idea I had was a box dedicated to cracking a Wireless AP. Once it has the WEP key and a net connection it serves as a AP itself.

I caught the tram 64 down St. Kilda Road in Melbourne today. I picked up 542 Wireless networks with kismet. Some of them were open. I wish I could could have very quickly utilised an open connection to run offlineimap(to retrieve my email). With my current setup it is difficult to get dhclient working after after promiscuous mode.

Paying for Wireless in Melbourne is too expensive. It is typically more than 10AUD an hour. There is this 3G service that Vodafone are pimping as affordable.

50AUD a month for a 300MB cap? I get more than 300MB of mail a month.

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